Designing Teacher Learning:

aka I Love PD Bootcamp!

A 5-session professional learning experience for instructional coaches and leaders to re-imagine, refresh and reboot teacher learning.

All sessions have been previously recorded and are instantly available for viewing!

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Need information?

The I Love PD 5-Day Bootcamp will share best practices and resources for adult learning.

Need inspiration?

The I Love PD 5-Day Bootcamp will engage YOU in innovative ideas for teacher learning to pass along to your teachers!

Need stuff?

The I Love PD 5-Day Bootcamp will bring tools, templates, hacks and resources right to your Zoom screen.

Do you love planning for professional learning? The I Love PD 5-Day Bootcamp will level up your PD skills!

I'm Stephanie!

I have a love for all things literacy teaching, coaching and leading. I’ve dedicated my career to creating spaces for learning that build teacher expertise, spark intentional reflection and connect philosophy to pedagogy. 

I’ve carved out a little corner of the virtual world just for instructional coaches and leaders to fuel their work and receive the same level of support and energy they provide for their teachers.

My professional passion? I've fused my love of notebooks, markers and sticky notes with digital tools and technology to innovate instructional coaching and lifelong teacher reading, writing and learning. 

So, what's included?

What's Included:

The Designing Teacher Learning Bootcamp includes five previously-recorded replay sessions focused on a specific aspect of designing teacher learning: 

Session 1: Designing Teacher Learning

  • What matters most in designing teacher learning experiences?
  • How can design thinking transform how we approach teacher learning?

Session 2: Creating a PD Toolkit

  • What's a PD Toolkit and how might I create one?
  • Where can I find tools and templates to support my planning process?

Session 3: Designing Content and Engagement

  • What's a content burst and why does it matter?
  • How can I create presentations that spark learning AND engagement?

Session 4: Designing Entry Points for Teacher Learning

  • How can we plan teacher learning with reflection in mind?
  • How can we ensure EVERY teacher finds an entry point info learning?

Session 5: Co-Working and PD Party Favors!

  • How do I pull everything together?
  • How can PD Party Favors level up PD?

The I Love PD Bootcamp is FILLED with tools and templates to make your own!

  • A checklist to self assess your professional development prowess.
  • A printable Professional Learning Calendar for the year. 
  • Ten unique While You Wait editable Canva & Google Slides templates. 
  • A crowdsourced collection of over 50 Opening Move slides for PD.
  • A Google slide deck template to create the perfect PD session in multiple designs. 
  • A planning guide to design learning experiences for EVERY teacher at EVERY stage of reflection. 
  • Three unique PD Party Favor templates and a crowdsourced collection of ideas to make your own!

Here's What's Included:


  • Five professional learning sessions strategically stacked to explore how to best design teacher learning experiences.

  • Clear content on five key topics immediately applicable to designing teacher learning experiences.

  • Collections, tools and templates to immediately the ideas explored in the Bootcamp into your own coaching. 
  • Additional readings, blog posts, videos and resources to support your virtual coaching journey.

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