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Envelopes of Lit(erate) love:

A quarterly dose of lit(erate) love to spark your reading and writing life and keep it going all month long.

Think stickers, journal cards, bookmarks, printables, notecards and more...

It's bookish and notebookish fun!

Bookish mail is the best mail.

Am I right or am I right?!

Life can be challenging and it can be a struggle to find time in our busy days for restorative reading and writing. 

I can help.

There's something magical about opening the mailbox and seeing a bright yellow envelope of lit(erate) love inside waiting just for you...especially when it's handpicked by a bookologist with your literate habits, hearts and communities in mind...me!

That's why I've created a quarterly envelope of lit(erate) love: a bright yellow envelope filled with bookish and notebookish treats just for you, like stickers, quote cards, bookmarks, notebook bling and more. 

These small items will have a big impact on your literate life. They'll boost your reading and writing habits, call to your reading and writing hearts and when shared, help you build your bookish community, too.

How does it work?

Each quarter, I offer an envelope full of lit(erate) love to keep your reading and writing life growing strong. You can expect 10 - 15 items packed into each envelope such as stickers, bookmarks, notecards, habit trackers, journal prompts, sticky notes, paperclips and more. 

Some of the items inside will embrace a monthly theme and others are there just to delight no matter the time of year. Either way, they'll remind you to make time to read and write and bring a bit of sunshine and encouragement to your day, too.

You'll even get a personal audio note from me with a bit more lit(erate) love to share.

Your bright yellow envelope will be filled with lit(erate) cheer for the season we're in. You'll be ready for cozy reading and writing with an envelope full of goodies waiting to enrich the experience.

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About Stephanie

I am a book-loving, notebook-hoarding literacy educator on a mission to change lives one book and one notebook at a time. I’m also a coffee-loving mother of three with a slight addiction to peanut butter and vanilla frosting.

Do you find yourself searching for more? A way to bring more reading, writing, learning and creativity into your life to feel more centered, grounded and more YOU?

You’ve come to the right place.


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