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Cultivate a life you love one book and one notebook at a time with a digital delivery of literate love. 

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A life well-read and well-written is a life well-lived. 

Books and reading have the power to transform our lives. We meet new friends, travel to locations, experience new perspectives and learn valuable life lessons with each turn of the page. And, when we explore the themes of the book in our own lives, from love and relationships to baking and gardening, magic happens. The book leaves us a better person than when we started. Get Liter(erate) is that magic. 

Need Habits?

Our lives are busy. Get Lit(erate) offers monthly coaching and tools to grow your daily reading and writing habits and offers weekly inspiration to keep your new literate habits going strong. 

Need Heart?

Reading and writing is a form of self-care (and therapy!). Get Lit(erate) offers a new themed invitation to read, write, learn & love each month to help you cultivate a life you love. 

Need Community?

Things are better with bookish and notebookish friends. Get Lit(erate) offers monthly book clubs, literary society meetings, notebook sessions, quarterly planning retreats and more!

I'm Stephanie!

I'm a book-loving, notebook-hoarding literacy teacher educator on a mission to change lives one book and one notebook at a time. 

I’ve carved out a little corner of the virtual world just for women to harness the power of reading and writing to build a better life full of intention, inspiration and creativity. 

I've been sharing my journey on A Lit Life and am thrilled to offer Get Lit(erate), my monthly, digital subscription of literate love to help others cultivate a life they love one book and one notebook at a time. 

Get Lit(erate) is so much more than a book club.

Our Mission:

The mission behind Get Lit(erate) is simple: help others cultivate a life they love through reading, writing and learning.

Reading and writing has the potential to transform our lives. There are many documented physical, mental, emotional and creative benefits to daily reading and writing, but it can be challenging to find the time for this kind of restorative self-care, to know what to read next and figure out exactly how it can support a life you love.

That’s where Get Lit(erate) comes in: delivering book lists, writing prompts, virtual conversations and more to introduce new ways of believing, living and experiencing the world through books and notebooks.

Each month, Get Lit(erate) releases a monthly dose of reading and writing inspiration right to your Inbox. Here's what's included:

Monthly Content Drops on the 1st of Each Month:

Coaching for Your Literate Life

Each month brings a new on-demand coaching sessions to boost your reading and writing habits, hearts and communities. We'll build book stacks, choose notebooks, weed our TBR stacks, build our writing studios and much, much more.

Bibliotherapy Book Calendars

Each month, you'll get a downloadable calendar with a book recommendation that embodies our theme EVERY SINGLE DAY. Print it, post it and watch your reading life grow. 

Bookstore Bucket List Episode

Each month, you'll receive a podcast episode featuring 5 books chosen especially for our community from an independent bookstore across the United States. You'll add books to your TBR stack and bookstores to your bucket list!

Monthly Book Club

We'll meet on the last Thursday of every month to discuss a book (new, backlist or best-seller) from the Bibliotherapy Book List. 

Notebooking Ideas

Notebook and journaling prompts based on the monthly theme to nudge you closer to your notebook.

Live Sessions:

Circles & Stacks Literary Society Sessions

Bring your favorite beverage, a title to share and a notebook to capture new titles to add to your TBR stack!

Notebook Parties

Bring your notebook and get ready to be inspired, to write and even craft your way through the pages.

Quarterly Planning Sessions

Fun, energizing sessions to plan how to get what you want out of your reading life (and your actual life, too!).

Bi-Yearly Retreats

Virtual week-long Winter and Summer reading and writing retreats to fuel your literate minds and hearts. 

Extra Literate Love

Periodic bonus sessions with industry experts, bookish creatives and women doing their thing. Think bullet journaling, chocolate tastings, crafting and more!

There's More, too!

Private Facebook Community

You'll get access to a private group just for subscribers to share what they're reading and writing with some fun give-aways each month, too!

Here's a glimpse at our past themes: 

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  • Bibliotherapy Book Calendar
  • Bookstore Bucket List Podcast Episode
  • Monthly Book Club
  • Coaching For Your Literate Life
  • Weekly Literate Love
  • Quarterly Circles & Stacks Literary Society Sessions
  • Quarterly Notebook Parties
  • Quarterly Planning Sessions
  • Bi-Yearly Retreats
  • Extra Literate Love
  • Private Facebook Community
  • BONUS: My Reading Life: A Bookish Spreadsheet!
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