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I believe a literate life is a life well lived. Each Friday, I celebrate my literate life and share what I’m reading, writing, learning and loving in hopes it inspires your own daily practices, too!

I'm Stephanie!

I have a love for all things literacy teaching, coaching and leading. I’ve dedicated my career to creating spaces for learning that build teacher expertise, spark intentional reflection and connect philosophy to pedagogy. 

I’ve carved out a little corner of the virtual world just for instructional coaches and leaders to fuel their work and receive the same level of support and energy they provide for their teachers.

My Story

I first heard the whispering of literacy coaching back in my very first year of teaching. The gifted and talented teacher would work my students each week and as part of her position, would collaborate with teachers to lift the level of learning in the classroom as well. I adored these think-tank sessions and knew this is ultimately what I wanted to spend my career doing.

Eventually, I took my first position as a coach of the coaches…before I even knew exactly what a coach was. So, I ended up returning to school to earn my PhD and research exactly what coaches did, why they did it and how it impacted teachers and students.

I found that coaches have incredibly responsive positions, shifting and changing to meet the wishes and wants of the teachers and students they work with. But, sometimes, those positions shifted and changed in ways that took coaches away from what mattered most. And, working as the sole coach in the building, these instructional coaches simply did not have the kind of support system they deserved. And these results set me on a life-long path to lead the learning of those that lead the learning of others. Here's how:

I fuse a love of notebooks, markers and sticky notes with digital tools and technology to innovate instructional coaching and lifelong teacher reading, writing and learning.

The Coaching Sketchnote Book Website & Podcast

Just as athletic coaches create playbooks to house and organize plays for their athletes, instructional coaches can create sketchnote books to capture and curate their ideas to best support teacher learning. My own personal coaching notebook is chock full of coaching goodness.

I've curated a large collection of coaching tools, ideas, resources, protocols, activities and more and digitized them on my blog and FREE website for instructional coaches. I feature and add new pages every week and even give you a step-by-step guide for how you can use the ideas in your own coaching. 

You'll find three of my favorite coaching tools, lifted directly from my own personal coaching sketchnote book, below.

Take Me There!

Transform Coaching with Technology

Instructional coaches can harness the power of digital tools and technology to transforms coaches and empower teachers to do the same for their teachers. 

In Literacy Coaching, I offer concrete steps to enhance coaching with both digital and non-digital tools to transform teacher and student learning. You can learn more in this podcast from Heinemann and get started on your journey to intentional coaching with and through technology. 

If you'd like a little support along that journey, you might like to explore my Coaching Through COVID Course and Community designed to support coaches as they innovate their practices.

Learn More

Leading by Learning

As teacher leaders and coaches, we must remain lifelong learners to best lead the learning of others. We must read, write, learn and connect together to inspire the learning communities we cultivate each day .

I invite you to join my Facebook community of instructional coaches and leaders dedicated to their own professional learning. You'll find sparks for your own reading and writing life, ideas for leading and coaching and an uplifting community to support your journey.

I'll Join!

Leading Literate Lives

I have a deep love of all things literacy: reading, writing and connecting with others around our literate lives. I read and write my way though each and every day, threading restorative literate practices into my life.

Each week, I celebrate my literate life and invite you to do the same. On Friday mornings, I post what I've been reading, writing, learning and loving in hopes it inspires your own literate lives, too!

Let's Celebrate!

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