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The Coaching Sketchnote Book eBook

I've fused my love of notebooks, markers and sticky notes with digital tools and technology to innovate instructional coaching and lifelong teacher reading, writing and learning. 

Just as athletic coaches create playbooks to house and organize plays for their athletes, instructional coaches can create sketchnote books to capture and curate their ideas to best support teacher learning.

This is mine. 

I’ve curated my collection of coaching moves to make coaching more effective AND joyful. In this eBook, you’ll find them all organized by coaching topic and linked to an online blog post walking you though how to bring them to life step-by-step. Whether you use it as an eBook or print it out, I have you covered!

Here's a sample page:

If you have questions or a specific request, you can find me online at the links above and we can start a conversation. 

Happy coaching!