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Restorative Reading:

a particular kind of reading that soothes the body, sparks the mind and connects readers together in meaningful communities to make life better.

Read your way to a better life.

For years, I’ve been on a journey to a better life. A life full of health and wellness, absence from pain, filled with intention and bathed with joy. I’ve tried functional nutrition, acupuncture, reiki and meditation.

I’ve taken classes, attended workshops and spent thousands on health practitioners.

But what if I told you the single-most impactful practice that has changed my life has been accessible all along and doesn’t cost a penny?

I’m talking about restorative reading.

Typically defined, something that is restorative serves to restore us to consciousness, vigor, or health, such as restorative movement, yoga, meditation, art and/or creativity. And while these practices have served me well, I’ve realized I was overlooking one consistent practice in my life that had the power to change everything: reading.

Restorative reading is reading that soothes the body, awakens the mind and sparks inspired action to make life better.

With just a few key changes, I turned my daily reading practices into restorative reading sessions that changed my life and you can, too.

How does it work?

This is an on-demand course, which means you can learn on your own time, in your own way and with your own books. =)

Whether you complete it in a day, in a week or longer, I'll show you how to launch a restorative reading practice, step-by-step. Here's what we'll explore together:

  • What restorative reading is and why it matters to our health and wellness.
  • What you'll need (books!) and how to prepare for your journey.
  • How to create restorative reading rituals that work for YOU.
  • How to create a personalized book apothecary to help you grow through what you're going through and make life better right now. 
  • Ways to take inspired action from the pages of the book to your actual life.

You'll get access to helpful videos, printed resources and materials and opportunities to work with me one-to-one, too. Touchpoints are built into the course so we can stay connected and celebrate your practice together because bookish friends are the best kinds of friends. 


There's more!

You'll get lots of goodies to support your restorative reading journey: book recommendations, book lists, journal prompts and more. You'll also get access to my printable book journal perfect for launching a reading life that supports your actual one. 

Yes, please!

I'm ready for restorative reading!!

Your bookshelf is waiting for you to say YES to your reading life AND your actual life, too.

Here's a sneak peek of what's inside!

Read & Write Your Way to a Life You Love

Join me for a self-paced journey filled with connection and coaching!

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About Stephanie

I am a book-loving, notebook-hoarding literacy educator on a mission to change lives one book and one notebook at a time. I’m also a coffee-loving mother of three with a slight addiction to peanut butter and vanilla frosting.

Do you find yourself searching for more? A way to bring more reading, writing, learning and creativity into your life to feel more centered, grounded and more YOU?

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