Shifting Literacy Intervention Online

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As the events of our world continue to unfold, many teachers are being called upon to shift their their instruction to digital and virtual spaces. But what about literacy intervention? Teaching literacy intervention online is a new challenge for most educators and requires a shift in the way we think and carry out our daily instructional routines. In this series of 6 sessions, we'll explore how to meaningfully shift literacy intervention online and focus on what matters most for readers. 

I'm Stephanie!

I have a passion for all things literacy teaching, coaching and leading. I’ve dedicated my career to creating spaces for learning that build teacher expertise, spark intentional reflection and connect philosophy to pedagogy. Together, we work from a place of authentic inquiry to envision instruction and strengthen teaching and learning. 

How can we re-imagine literacy intervention for digital, virtual and remote learning settings?

Over the past months, I’ve worked closely and carefully with educators to re-imagine what literacy intervention could look like remotely and virtually. I’ve learned a lot of lessons along the way and invite you to learn alongside me.

In this six-hour series of video sessions, we'll explore the importance of book access and virtual classroom libraries, create a vision and plan for strategy and skill development, think carefully about connection, community and conferencing and explore multiple digital tools for small group intervention. 

How Does It Work?

Each session was originally held live, through Zoom, and are now available for on-demand viewing. You'll get access to many resources, ideas and tutorials for each session, too. You'll find an outline of the five sessions below:

Session 1: Book Access & Virtual Classroom Libraries 

  • Where can we find appropriate digital texts for literacy intervention?
  • How can virtual classroom libraries provide book access for our students?

Session 2: Creating a Plan for Strategy & Skill Instruction 

  • How can we create an intervention plan for remote, digital and virtual learning?
  • What matters most in strategy and skill development?
  • How can we best create live and on-demand intervention lessons?

Session 3: Connection, Community and Conferencing 

  • How can we create virtual reading communities for students?
  • How can we connect with students through one-to-one digital and virtual reading conferences?

Session 4: Digital Tools for Small Group Instruction 

  • What tools support student engagement and learning during live intervention lessons?
  • What tools support student engagement and learning during on-demand intervention lessons?
  • How can I use hyperdocs to pace my lessons AND invite student engagement?

Session 5: Think Tank Question & Answers 

  • Get all your specific questions answered to launch you into the coming year!

BONUS SESSION: Live Literacy Intervention Session

  • Engage in a hypothetical early literacy intervention session to see how it all comes together!

Want a sneak peek of our course page? Take a look at my 'Welcome' video below!


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What's Included

  • Six recorded one-hour video sessions to explore virtual literacy intervention. 

  • Clear content on four key topics immediately applicable to your teaching: book access and virtual classroom libraries, creating a plan for strategy and skill instruction, connecting with students through conferences and exploring digital tools for literacy intervention. 

  • Additional readings, blog posts, videos and resources to support virtual intervention.

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