Strengthen Coaching Visions, Calendars & Systems

A series of on-demand workshops to rejuvenate your coaching, create new systems and plan the coaching life you want to have.


I'm ready to get staretd!

Need to realign?

Bring your ideal coaching vision to action in your daily calendar.

Need systems?

Learn new ways of setting up your coaching day for joy and success.

Need tools?

Grab tools and templates that make coaching streamlined and effective.

Are you ready to change your coaching to better support YOU?

I'm Stephanie!

I have a love for all things literacy teaching, coaching and leading. I’ve dedicated my career to creating spaces for learning that build teacher expertise, spark intentional reflection and connect philosophy to pedagogy. 

I’ve carved out a little corner of the virtual world just for instructional coaches and leaders to fuel their work and receive the same level of support and energy they provide for their teachers.

My professional passion? I've fused my love of notebooks, markers and sticky notes with digital tools and technology to innovate instructional coaching and lifelong teacher reading, writing and learning. 

How does this work?

What's Included:

You'll get immediate access to a series of 5 on-demand workshops focused on recharging, refreshing and reclaiming your coaching life. Pace through them in order, at your pace, and get ready to transform your coaching:

Session 1: Reclaiming Our Coaching Visions

Session 2: Making Your Personality Work For You

Session 3: Creating Keystone Coaching Habits

Session 4: Notebooking and Bullet Journaling for Coaching

Session 5: Planning for the First Quarter

Get all the tools and templates to reclaim your coaching!

You'll get access to:

  • A vision page to chart your course for the coming year.
  • Morning, Evening, Start-Up & Shut-Down Routine Checklists
  • Personality Reminders for Coaching & PD
  • Quarterly Planning Templates
  • A printable Professional Learning Calendar for the year
  • A book list of related books to fuel your summer reading after the retreat
  • A 21-day email challenge to boost your coaching organization and productivity
  • 5 picture book recommendations (and discussion guides!) to launch your PD in the Fall!



  • Five professional learning sessions strategically stacked to recharge, refresh and reclaim your coaching life.

  • Collections, tools and templates to reclaim your coaching. 
  • Additional readings, blog posts, videos and resources to support your coaching journey.

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